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Pure hyaluronic acid gel technology from BOHUS

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Pure hyaluronic acid gel technology from BOHUS

BOHUS pure HA products are made using non-animal bio-fermentation, and uniquely tailored with optimized particle sizes and viscosity for a broad range of applications.
From Decoria® dermal fillers for aesthetics, to Minivisc® Plus for cataract surgery and Lubravisc® Bio injections for orthopaedic use.
Pure means biocompatible.
Molecular structure mimics natural HA
BOHUS heritage means confidence.
Bohus has focused purely on HA for 30 years
Quality means reliability.
Optimized for specific HA indications and applications
Non-animal HA means kind.
Bohus HA is 100% bio-fermented HA

BOHUS hyaluronic acid
gel technology

BOHUS has been a pioneering HA supplier for 30 years and is a pure leader in high-quality hyaluronic acid products, delivering a premium portfolio at an affordable price.

Through continuous investment in research and design, we have developed a unique HA manufacturing process to offer precise features for specific areas of use, such as ophthalmics, orthopaedics, and aesthetics.

BOHUS represents a paradigm shift in how high-quality hyaluronic acid products are manufactured, ordered, and delivered to customers.


Dermal fillers

Decoria® is the purest HA dermal filler collection on the market, with minimal modification (1%±0.2%). Each filler has distinct characteristics for specific indications, delivering on all aesthetic needs for patients.

Ophthalmic surgery

Miniviscsup® Plus is a cohesive OVD with exceptionally high molecular weight (3-4 MDa) and HA concentration (1.4%), providing optimal comfort for IOL insertion and easy aspiration during cataract and other eye surgery.


Lubravisc® Bio is used to treat mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee joint by injection. It is a viscoelastic HA product that offers protection and lubrication.

Why buy hyaluronic acid from BOHUS? Because pure HA is biocompatible HA

BOHUS HA has a molecular structure that mimics natural HA. Preserving this natural form of hyaluronic acid is the basis of all our HA products. Our hyaluronic acid is an organic product of non-animal origin.

Because BOHUS heritage means confidence

BOHUS has focused purely on HA development and manufacturing for 30 years. This legacy means we have a broad range of premium, specialized HA products at an affordable price, so all our customers can benefit from decades of pure dedication.

Because HA quality means reliability

Uniquely tailored with optimized particle sizes and viscosity and indicated for specific HA applications. Smart Hyaluronic Acid PurE Technology (SHAPE) means our dermal fillers are amongst the purest in the world.

Because BOHUS is a sustainable HA supplier

BOHUS HA is manufactured using a streamlined, sustainable purification process, resulting in 100% animal-free HA. We strive for sustainability in all aspects of our operations, including packaging, design, and delivery.

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BOHUS is a Swedish developer of premium quality HA, with products sold to physicians, clinics and hospitals in over 60 markets worldwide. Please get in touch if you have questions about Bohus HA gel technology or are interested in:

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