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A pure focus on high-quality hyaluronic acid from the start.


Welcome to BOHUS

Facing the clear waters of the North Sea stands Strömstad, a beautiful small town in western Sweden. This has been our home for 30 years. Here we develop and manufacture high-quality hyaluronic acid, with an exceptional degree of purity, at our company-owned facilities.

We are the only hyaluronic acid supplier specialised in three disciplines – ophthalmics, aesthetics and orthopaedics.

We offer premium hyaluronic acid products, at the best value, with the simplest ordering process. Today we deliver to 60+ markets worldwide.


Our hyaluronic acid expertise

Our pure focus on hyaluronic acid research and development has led to ground-breaking products in three disciplines:

  • Ophthalmics – Minivisc® Plus is a high molecular weight OVD that supports tissue integrity during cataract surgery.
  • Aesthetics – Our SHAPE™ Technology is the basis of Decoria®, the world’s purest collection of dermal fillers.
  • Orthopaedics – Lubravisc® Bio is a biocompatible viscoelastic injectable for treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

From research to final products


Research and innovation

We have been pioneers in hyaluronic acid research since day 1 and are unique in having know-how in three disciplines.

Product development

Hyaluronic acid can have a variety of characteristics. We develop products with precise features for their intended use.


All manufacturing takes place at our plant in Strömstad, Sweden, at the same location as our research and development.

Sustainability at BOHUS

For us, purity is a broad concept that is not limited to manufacturing pure products. We make a conscious commitment to sustainability, from reducing waste to sourcing materials locally. Our focus is to lead sustainability among hyaluronic acid suppliers.

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Meet the people at BOHUS

BOHUS started as a Swedish pioneering start-up. Today we have become a knowledge hub of hyaluronic acid expertise, with specialists from across the world.

Their experience spans everything related to high-quality hyaluronic acid, from research and development to manufacturing and delivery.

Meet our people

Contact us

We are always happy to help with your requests. Please contact us for any questions about BOHUS or to get in touch with our experts and product specialists. We will respond as soon as possible.