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The Decoria collection of dermal fillers is based on water-binding hyaluronic acid in its natural form, purified to the highest degree with <1% of BDDE, for safe and long-lasting aesthetic treatments.

The distinct characteristics of each Decoria filler provides aesthetic practitioners with a complete collection to create natural-looking softness and shape to the face, without losing focus on the fine details.

Smart aesthetics

The Decoria collection combines premium quality at the best possible value thanks to our strong focus on streamlined processes in manufacturing, packaging, design and delivery.

Decoria product range

Dermal fillers with distinct characteristics

The company’s innovative Spherical HA PrEcision Technology, SHAPE, produces gels with varying firmness (G') and particle sizes. Our first filler was launched in 2014. Today, the Decoria collection comprises three fillers with distinct characteristics and each has a defined intuitive purpose:

Decoria Intense

Soft Shape. A medium firm and voluminous gel to recreate soft volume.

Decoria Voluma

Supportive Shape. A firmer gel for creating structure and support.

Decoria Essence

Delicate Adjustment. A soft gel for fine corrections.

Hyaluronic acid preserved in its natural form

Hyaluronic acid can be found everywhere in nature; in humans and other mammals, bacteria and algae. It's a sugar molecule that forms long tangled strands, like seagrass, and when surrounded by water, a thick and viscous gel is formed.

Preserving this natural form of hyaluronic acid is the basis of all Decoria dermal fillers. Our hyaluronic acid is of non-animal origin; it's a vegan organic product that mimics the body's own hyaluronic acid.

A high level of purification

By cross-linking the tangled strands, the body's degradation of the hyaluronic acid is delayed, creating a long-lasting viscous gel. Via a unique manufacturing process the gel is then purified to a very high degree with residual cross-linker BDDE of less than 1% – making the Decoria dermal fillers among the purest in the world.

The exceptional purity of the Decoria collection empowers aesthetic practitioners to create natural softness and shape to the face, confident in the knowledge that they are working with safe and effective products.

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Smart, sustainable and premium

Doing things in a smart way. By focusing on sustainability, innovative manufacturing and agile management, we can offer premium dermal fillers at the best possible value. BOHUS is one of Europe' leading developers and manufacturers of hyaluronic acid products, trusted by physicians and aesthetic practitioners in over 60 markets throughout the world for over 30 years.

All Decoria dermal fillers are developed and manufactured at our advanced facilities in Strömstad, Sweden (ISO 14664).

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