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Our Microvisc product line includes the Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Devices (OVDs) Microvisc, Microvisc plus and Microvisc phaco. The products are used as surgical aids in mainly cataract and refractive surgery. Microvisc OVDs are based on naturally high-molecular hyaluronic acid from a biological source. Thanks to the high molecular weight, the products have a cohesive nature, which means that they hold together well, add height and are easy to aspirate.

Microvisc allow eye surgeons to work quickly, efficiently and effectively. Developed from biological source and with a unique manufacturing process, Bohus BioTech viscoelastics offers the highest in standards and reliability.

  • Manufactured in Sweden since 1992
  • High transparency
  • No bubbles
  • Steam sterilized
  • High viscosity

Efficient, easy-to-use products that come in a small, space saving package, Microvisc can be stored at room temperature, meaning potential cost savings in terms of transportation and storage, and of minimized surgery time.

The Microvisc product line is used by ophthalmic surgeons across the world and the products have been highly valued for their high quality and outstanding rheological properties.

Microvisc 1.0% (0.55 & 0.85 ml)

Allround product with high molecular weight resulting in high viscosity and pseudoplasticity. High cohesion, meaning that it creates space, stabilizes the surgical micro environment and facilitates movement of tissue.

High pseudoplasticity enables easy and controlled injection and IOL implantation. The product is removed as a single mass at the end of surgery.

Microvisc Plus 1.4% (0.55 & 0.85 ml)

Super high molecular weight, pseudoplasticity and cohesion provides maximum intraocular stability, while creating space during capsulorhexis. Reliable in more difficult cases such as trauma and refractive surgery.

Excellent performance during IOL implantation. Super high pseudoplasticity provides a product easy to inject and is removed as a single mass after surgery

Microvisc Phaco 2.5% (0.55 & 0.85 ml)

Viscoadaptive product designed to adapt to the different stages of surgery. At rest, it adopts cohesive characteristics (e.g. during capsulorhexis), and under stress it behaves in a dispersive way (e.g. during phacoemulsification. Excellent allround product that can also be used for advanced cases and trauma.

A product that combines both high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Areas of use

  • Microvisc 1% is commonly used in cataract routine surgery.
  • Microvisc plus 1.4% is commonly used in cataract routine surgery, as well as more complicated cataract procedures and in glaucoma surgery.
  • Microvisc phaco is commonly used in serious cases and in trauma surgery.
Microvisc Plus Bohus BioTech AB
Microvisc Phaco Bohus BioTech AB